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New Windows 10 and CMS IntelliCAD CAD Software

July 29th, 2015 - Burleson, Texas, USA.  Microsoft Corporation has just released the new Windows 10 Operating system and has started to roll out free opt-in upgrades on some Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 machines.

Important information to CMS IntelliCAD licensed Users:

Prior Standalone versions to CMS IntelliCAD 8.0 CAD Software were NOT built for the new Microsoft Windows 10 and therefore are not supported on Windows 10 and all future operating system versions.

Users running outdated standalone CMS IntelliCAD 7.x, 6.x, 5.x and all older versions will need an upgrade to CMS IntelliCAD 8.x in order to run IntelliCAD on Windows 10. 
Users are able to upgrade CMS IntelliCAD at our online store upgrades section of

CMS IntelliCAD PE can also run from the CLOUD through a time-limited subscription service at

New 64-Bit CMS IntelliCAD 8 - Installers Now Available

August 23th, 2014 - Burleson, Texas, USA.  CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS) has recently released the new  CMS IntelliCAD 8.0 CAD Software now also as 64-Bit application able to run on Microsoft Windows 64-Bit machines . 

This is a Major release that provides many benefits to CAD users and delivers advantages over competitor products.
It includes native 2014 .dwg file format support. New features include layer states, layer filters with search, .cui custom menu files, quick select, 3D orbit, additional grid capabilities, Collada (.dae) file import, MrSID MG4 compressed raster image support, updated Microsoft VBA7.1 programming toolkit, advanced photo-realistic rendering, and more.

32 & 64-Bit

CMS, Inc delivers now also 64-Bit CMS IntelliCAD 8 for x64 Windows machines and CMS IntelliCAD 8 from the CLOUD simultaneously.

CMS IntelliCAD 8 User Interface

CMS IntelliCAD 7.2.6363 CAD Software New Build Now Available.

November 21st, 2013 - Burleson, Texas, USA. CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS) has recently released CMS IntelliCAD 7.2.6363 build.
This is mainly a maintenance release. In addition to fixes, improvements can be found in the areas of performance, working with 2013 .dwg files, selection and dragging, text, and printing.

Current v7.2 users can install their current version and install the new one at the exact same machine. Registration should not be required.
Software installers can be found at

New CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 CAD Software Support Build - Download now

March 7th, 2013 - Burleson, Texas, USA. CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS) releases a new CMS IntelliCAD 7.2. support build! 
CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS) provides 100% IntelliCAD compliant CAD Software, consolidating it as one of the most reliable, productive, highly responsive, and compatible CAD toolkit for architects, engineers, and consultants requiring professional grade compatibility with Autodesk AutoCAD, LISP, ADS, DRX/IRX support. It also includes optional build-in Microsoft VBA 6.5, and several other third-party solutions.

New features:

  • Built-in *.dwg 2013 file conversion. Open a *.dwg 2013 file functionality is now available;
  • Help menu now includes a check for updates function and a license manager tool for license deactivation assistance. New72_4141

New CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 cad software installers can be downloaded  at: .

Current v7.2 users are entitle to this free update. Just uninstall your current v7.2 and install the new one.

CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 New Build

November 17th, 2012 - Burleson, Texas, USA. CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS) has just released a new CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 build! IntelliCAD has never been better than this new build.

Trials can be downloaded from the downloads section of website.

Current v7.2 users are entitle to this free update. Just uninstall your current v7.2 and install the new one.

50% OFF Upgrade campaign. We encourage users running outdated versions to tryout the latest CMS IntelliCAD 7.2. Get a 50% discount on all updates and upgrades. This offer is valid till the end of November 2012. Visit our online store to purchase an update or upgrade.

New CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 CAD Software

Burleson, TX, USA, July 7, 2012 — CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS Inc.) today announced the release of CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 Standard & Professional Editions.

CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 achieves new benchmarks in performance with support for OpenGL that enhances dynamic pan, zoom, redraw, and rotation, especially for large files, but also internal improvements for large drawing files, including editing, dynamic dragging, gripping, display, and snaps.

With over 600 fixes since the 7.1 release, IntelliCAD 7.2 additionally includes many new features: .NET application support, find and replace text, import .dgn files, insert underlays, work with Collada (.dae) and MrSID (.sid) files, and receive alerts in a new Notification Manager. New entity snap features include: entity snap tracking, Parallel Snap, From Point, Temporary Tracking Point, and Midpoint Between 2 Points.


CMS also adds extra functionality to CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 Professional Edition with Etoolbox Express Tools.

Enhanced existing features include selecting by filter (including proxies), managing layers at the command line, clipping layout viewports, and more.

CMS IntelliCAD 7.2 integrates the most currently available Open Design Alliance Teigha® version 3.5.1.